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D R E A M. Believe. Heal. Transform.  

Learn the tools to have vibrant feminine energy & live your DREAM life. 

Hello beautiful! So glad you've arrived here!

Let's take a moment to imagine together... 

...a life where you do what you LOVE and LOVE what you do.

...a life with higher self-love and confidence.

>>> a life FREE of PMS & anxiety.

...a body you love to be in and feel strong from the inside out.

...access to your creativity and feminine magnetism. in sync with your natural energetic rhythm. 

Imagine how living this way could change the way you experience life.  If you're ready to take the lead towards your inner DESIRES, DREAMS and DESTINY, you've landed in the right place.  I help women like you upgrade their health & confidence to manifest their desired life. Let the journey of transformation begin.

Meet Haunani-
Holistic Health & Life Coach


from within


Haunani is a Certified Mindset and Holistic Health & Life coach based on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.


Haunani has a background in Integrative Nutrition and holds a Bachelor's in Food Science and Human Nutrition-Dietetics. Haunani is qualified in Hypnotherapy, Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neural Energetic Encoding, Somatic techniques and combines her background in Nutrition to excel the results for her clientele. 


After many years of suffering from anxiety, depression, alcohol abuse, digestive disorders and hormone health issues, Haunani has healed herself with the power of the mind and holistic modalities that she now 

teaches other women.  Haunani believes that we all have an innate ability to tap into our limitless potential and expand beyond limits of the subconscious to create the life and freedom we desire from within.


The women that work with Haunani experience increased confidence, emotional intelligence, release anxiety, balance their hormones, and increase their own spiritual feminine power.  

Haunani is passionate about helping women realign their energy to manifest better health, relationships, careers, success and fulfillment.

We all have an inherent power to transform into our higher selves and transmute emotional and physical pain, release stress and 

pass trauma so that we can live in our authenticity and truth.

Haunani is a dedicated student of life and has now created her own DREAM life. 

She has learned to transmute her pain and struggles, be present and create space for more joy + expansion. 

She recently started her own podcast called The House of Dreams.  

And has been featured as a guest on various podcasts as well. 

"I struggled with digestion since I was a child, and Haunani helped me to overcome this struggle. Now that I eat better, I feel better, and that glow radiates from within. I am now more loving, compassionate, and mindful to myself, which helps me to be that in all of my relationships. I found a brand new kind of me, a brand new kind of free, it's a brand new time for me."



"I highly recommend booking with Haunani. She is incredible at what she does and such a kind soul. If you are looking for a coach who will make you feel so comfortable, seen & supported every step of the way, Haunani is the girl for you!"

-Ashley B.


"I've been through a lot since I started with Haunani. It's been one year together. We had COVID, my dad died, my business has changed, my dance company has diminished and she was able to coach me and keep be afloat during some really rocky times. I feel like I'm more than just a float now. I'm healthier then I've been in over 20 years and I'm feeling so much more energized and well. Haunani really dedicates herself to her clients and knows how to reach them."


Fairy Lights

Abundance is not something we acquire, it's something we tune into.
-Wayne Dyer

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