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5 Hacks to Improve your Mindset

Updated: Jul 19, 2021


Unlock your doors and unstuck yourself by LIVING WITH INTENTION. Living with intention is the key to a good life.

Do you often find yourself creating goals and then feel stuck or caught up in a negative headspace telling yourself it's not possible for me to really reach these goals? Do you ask yourself “but HOW can I even achieve this" and find yourself stuck and never actually achieve your goals or retain it for long?

Read on for 5 Hacks to improve your mindset and reach your goals.


1. Practice Gratitude- 5-10 minutes of writing or saying what you are grateful for, will change your views on life. Gratitude will actually change your brain frequency and improve cognitive function. How can you appreciate the big things in life without appreciating the small blessings? We've all been conditioned or experienced events in our life that have left us to maybe feel unworthy, want more, or complain about our current situation. However, problems or negative experiences are actually gifts. Problems are our teachers. They teach us on how to stay fulfilled in life and help us to grow. Without growth life becomes stagnet or even boring and you start to vear off your path of a good life. Practice gratitude by starting with the little things and work your way up to the big, everyday.

2. Stop the negative self-talk- Negative self-talk is toxic to the mind. It keeps us stuck and out of the captain's seat of your life. When you find yourself stuck in the negative chatter in your mind, STOP. In that moment, just breathe, just be and LET IT GO. It's not serving you. LET IT GO.

3. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify your Life, Thoughts, Goals & Possessions- A cluttered mind is also a scattered life. Your energy is scattered, fractured and pulled leaving you with little to no energy to focus on your goals, health and wellbeing. Simplify. Do and Be more with Less. Simplicity and self-love go hand in hand. I recently read a great book called New Minimalism. It's been a game changer in my life.

4. Stay Consistent- Consistency is your key to achieving anything. Consistency is your compounding energy to life, health, and fulfillment. New habits are formed with small baby steps and consistency. Focus on ONE area of your life at a time. I once read that baby steps are quantum leaps in disguise. This is probably the area of my life I need the most attention. But hey, awareness is the first step to anything right? Next, make those baby steps towards consistency.

5. Let things Be & Flow. Release control- For me, improving my primary food of spirituality has siginificantly allowed me to release control. Stop trying to force things or obsess about things. That will get you nowhere fast and feeling full of anxiety, unhappy, or even worse physically sick. Stop trying to force that relationship, that job or that diet. Your intuition may not be a seen force, however it is your internal guide to life and your soul's purpose. Let the Universe/God guide you- work with you and let things be as they are. Explore and Expand your spirituality to improve this are of life for you.

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