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5 Simple Biohacks for Everyday Energy (Part 1)

Biohacking is a fancy word for boosting your biology.

I'm really getting into biohacking these days and what I've learned is that biohacking starts with the basics.

It doesn't have to look fancy or be complicated or expensive.

Starting with the basics, biohacking will set you up to be successful with the more "in depth" biohacking you may choose to do in the future. I'm planning to make this blog post a series blog post because there are so many biohacks out there to improve your quality of life, productivity, and energy levels and to live a clean, sustainable life.

Let's get our sweat on with biohack number 1!

#1 Movement and Exercise

I really can't emphasize enough on how important movement and exercise will improve your quality of life...physically, mentally and emotionally. The wonderful thing that makes your movement and exercise even more beneficial is "making it intentional." If you start with an intentional exercise or movement your entire physical and mental body will be working together and feel the benefits. For example, when I'm about to do some stretching or yoga for grounding I will say aloud words such as...nourishment, release, replenish, or vitality. Saying these words tell my body the feeling I want to achieve and what to do with the exercise. Sometimes I'll pair the grouding words with a body part that needs attention like my neck or shoulders. My neck and shoulders tend to get tight and hold tension or stress so I bring it to my awareness and make it purposeful to breathe and release that tension. It works! Consistency is key. So get creative on how to include this in your daily and weekly routines.

#2 Drink Water

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! From morning to night I drink water. Our bodies are made of 80% water and is an essential part of our daily routines and nutrition. Without the proper flow of water, waste and toxins will remain stagnate in the body rather than being removed through your body secretions (urine, stools or sweat) . Proper hydration also allows "proper" oxygen to flow evenly through the blood resulting in better muscle function, so you can conquer and slay that workout! And did you know that your brain is made up of 85% water? Water is an essential element to carry oxygen and maintain proper electricity in your brain Most of us have heard of ther term brain fog ~ can you relate? Sometimes clearing up brain fog can be as simple as drinking some water or eating a hydrating fruit paired with 10-15 minutes of appreciation and gratitude (being present). And don't forget about the benefits of water and your skin! Water slows down the aging process and makes skin smooth and plush, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. To spruce up your water intake and absorption, try adding freshly squeezed lemon and a sprinkle of sea salt or a drop of doTERRA lemon oil if you don't have freshly squeezed lemon. You'll get an extra boost of detox and Vit. C when adding lemon to your water. There's also a ton of wonderful ways to infuse your water with fresh fruit and veggies for added flavor and nutritional benefits.

#3 Do what you love

Ok, when I say do what you love, I mean, really know what you brings you joy and do it often (daily, weekly, monthly, annually)! Doing what you love could range from something simple like curling up to read a good book, talking to a friend, making yourself a decadent warm cocoa, listening to your favorite music jams while driving or walking or even something luxurious such as a weekly or monthly massage. I think I hear you saying" but that's just not possible. I don't have time for those things. How can I do the things that I love when I have all these chores to do or I have to commute to work and barely have free time to do XYZ, or I can barely keep up with all the commitments I've said 'yes' to" (and now you're second guessing- why did I say 'yes', when I really wanted to say 'no'). I feel you and I've been there. But once I changed my perspective and took a better look at actually how I was spending my time in relation to what I actually valued in life, things started to shift. I started to say 'NO' to things that no longer served me. I started to be aware of how and who I surrounded myself with so that I could honor the LOVES and JOYS of my life. I started to put my values and priorities first instead of last. This is the highest form of self-love and will create abundance and an overflow of joy in your life. I promise you, it is not a selfish act.

Doing what you love everyday compounds to a fulfilling and happy life. Doing this act alone will give you the energy you need to care of the ones you love and do the work you love as well. Your entire being will reap the benefits of including this biohack in your life and being very intentional with it.

#4 Sleep

This really should be number 1. But here we are. This is not an easy one for many of us due to enviornmental disruptions, the SAD Diet (Standard American Diet), caffeine and alcohol consumption and cultural or media influences that send us messages to neglect or interrupt our sleep cycles. I can and will do another blog post completely about sleep because that's how important it is!

Sleep is your body and mind's natural refresh and recharge. When your body goes without proper refresh and recharge, things start to go a hay wire. Hormones start to go off balance, brain fog starts to kick in on high gear, your bowel movements can become irregular (too hard, too soft), blood sugar levels go wonky, skin issues may arise, fatigue and headaches may come on, basically the list goes on and on.

So do you see how sleep is number one in biohacking?! Our bodies are magical machines that work 24 hours a day. That's right 24 hours because it is working extra hard while you're sleeping to bring your life battery to refreshed and recharged. In my star wars voice: "Sleep is the way." Evaluating your sleep routines are key here. What are the activities you normally do before bed? Do you have a comfortable pillow to sleep on at night or are you constantly messing with it during the night? How often do you wake or get out of bed during the night? When is your last meal or snack before bed? Reflect on these questions to see what you're doing currently to really get an idea of your habits or patterns or the environmental factors that can hinge your sleep.

Prirotizing sleep will do a world of difference in your everyday energy and cognitive awareness. I have created a evening routine that sets me up for sleep. This routine sends the message to my body and mind that it's time to slow down and rest.

#5 Meal Prep

Meal prep sets you up for success. Nutrition is fundamental to your success over time. What you put in your body is how you show up on the outside. Being proactive prevents reactive eating and mood swings. So instead of reaching for that packaged snack or buying a meal on the go, a meal already prepared will save you time, money, and your health. Planning ahead will set you up for the success you deserve and it doesn't have to be over complicated. Planning meals can be fun and satisfying. The next time you're going to the grocery store prepare a grocery list and inlcude the foods you like to eat and meals you like to cook, so that you have all the ingredients in your kitchen. And always remember you can improvise or substitute ingredients. Prepare large quantities of salads, soups and other dishes so you have left overs for another meal and it's just ready to heat again for lunch or dinner. Meal prep helps you to gain time and increased productivity and makes room for the things you really enjoy! Also, create variety in your meal prep planning. I know as a woman sometime during the month my body wants different foods, those are called cravings. Satisfying those cravings right away will decrease cognitive stress in the body. And usually a piece of dark chocolate does the trick. Meal planning for those cravings are also quite helpful because you can prepare a healthful yet satisfying snack or dish Some of the things I enjoy are fruit and yogurt, dark chocolate with nuts, yummy date bon bons or even some homemade brownies!

I hope you find these biohacks helpful. Remember to start off slow when starting something new or creating change in your life. I always talk to my clients about sustainability. If you to create lasting change in your life and model that for others (your loved ones or children for example), it must be done in small increments. Sustainability is our key to balance and harmony.

Check out Part 2 of this Biohack Blog series.

with gratitude and love always,


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