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Anti-Inflammatory Dynaic Duo

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Pain be gone!! What?!  

This dynamic duo is saving me right now! The people closest to me know that I have been dealing with chronic shoulder and neck pain for years! And within the last year the pain has increased to daily aches, stiffness and night time headaches. It may have been a multitude of things that has caused this pain; I am a dancer so I may have strained my shoulder or neck at one point and failed to care for it properly. I also worked a variety of desk jobs for years and sitting 8 hours a day. If you know what it's like to sit all day in front of a computer screen, you may very well understand that it can be very detrimental to your spine, neck and overall body health. Plus the desk jobs I had were very high paced and stressful. I tend to hold my stress in my neck and upper shoulder areas. Thankfully I have moved on and no longer have a desk job all day. No more sitting for hours in front of a screen with stressful office drama. No thank you! So now I'm on the mend and healing myself from years of stress on my body.

For relief, I’ve done massage and acupuncture and about a 1 year ago I started chiropractic treatments. After appointments I would be good for about 3 weeks and then the pain would start to creep back in. And since the shutdown of the recent crisis of covid-19, I haven’t been able to get any treatments. I've been upping my essential oils use and remedies and I've discovered the power of copaiba and tumeric! And then I started using them together! And Holy smokes my nerve and tension pain is gone! I've blended these oils in a 10 ml roller bottle and consistently used it for 3 weeks. Seriously my pain is gone! The nerve pain is gone, the tension is gone and tension headaches gone! The inflammation has subsided and I can fully move my shoulder and neck without pain. It's incredible. I am so so so happy to have found something that is safe, effective and cost effective!

I’ve also been doing more upper body conditioning to strengthen my neck and shoulder which is also helping! I've found it very helpful to do yoga stretching and strengthening. Using light weights to increase my upper body strength has also been beneficial.

I don’t even feel like I need to see the chiropractor again. It’s so satisfying to know that there are home remedies to improve your quality of life and wellness before having to rush to a Dr. or specialist.

To create a blend like this yourself check out essential oils here! If this is something you’d like to try for yourself or loved one, it is definitely worth a try. It's safe, all natural and blended with therapeutic grade essential oils.

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