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Daily Habits for Success

Your words, actions and habits all play a role in your character and ultimately your destiny of a successful life.

How aware or conscious are you of your words, actions and habits?

Are you living with fear, anxiety, or maybe regret? If so, this may give you a clue that you're not in alignment with your core desires and your true destiny.

Creating a life with habits and rituals that feel good to you are key to living a successful and happy life. No one wants to live in fear or be anxious all day long. I sure don't want that anymore. I have built my mindset to take on the hurdles and challenges of life and the word for that is resilience. Because granted, there will be times that I will feel fearful or anxious again, however that's not a place in my mind that I want to live or operate from. Nor do I want those feelings to override my true nature and desires.

I have become a wonderful observer of people and children and understand that I need to model good moral character for myself, my family, my friends and community. That is a promise to myself and responsibility that I gracefully accept. It is a gift to wake up every morning and see the sunrise and it is a gift to see the moonrise and stars come out in the twilight hours. It's all about your personal perception and perspective.

Perception and perspective are how we view and react to the world. Are you aware of your perception and perspective on life? Do you tend to respond with a snappy remark or out of fear or do you respond from the heart and non-judgement. Are you responding with empathy and compassion or are you responding with your own projections or your own past experience in mind? Are you truly present with yourself and others? Take a moment to reflect on this.

I understand that if you want success in your life, then you need to be open to change and available for self-awareness and put in the effort to create your personal success.

It may feel tough in the beginning, but as you continue to build small, actionable habits in your life, you'll find it to be easier everyday! The underlining goal of living a (your) successful life is to feel good and have energy for the things you love and the people you love.

Here are some daily habits for success that I have incorporated in my own life.

My Daily Habits for Personal Success

Wake up at 5am. Drink Lemon water. Stretch. Yoga. Journal daily gratitudes. Morning Pages. Light a beeswax candle (beeswax - because it's non-toxic). Get in nature. Eat Breakfast. Eat a balanced holistic diet. Eat lots of plants. Eat vegetables! Take your vitamins/supplements. Drink water. Read books. Garden. Meditate. Meal Prep. Prepare home-cooked meals. Speak kindly and do good deeds for others. Conscious spending and money management. Learn something new. Check in with a friend or family member. Watch the sunset and clouds. Give a compliment to yourself and others. Look at the stars. Visualize. Create intentions and reflect on your desires. Take care of my skin. Soak in a bath. Avoid media devices and limit use. Speak the truth to self and others. Affirmations. Take action.

I encourage you to come up with a habit list of your own or similar to the one I have created and see how these little daily habits compound and mold you into a healthier, happier version of you.

I hope you go about your day with intention and love.

xo, Haunani


If you want additional reading about habit formations check out Atomic Habits by James Clear.

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