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Diary of an Empath

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

I used to be an unshielded empath.

I used to take on other’s feelings and thoughts as my own truth.

I have a very open heart and mind and without knowing (subconsciously) or maybe thru past modeling when I was younger, I would take things on as my own truth.

I would believe the other person’s words and opinions as if they were my own.

I would spin out in my own mind, beat myself up and create a world of unnecessary anxiety.

I didn’t have boundaries.

I didn’t have self-protected energy.

I didn’t have steady self-care routines.

I wasn’t aware of how I was taking on other people’s opinions as my own.

I was an unshielded empath.

Now things have changed.

I’ve learned the tools.

I’ve learned the tools for empaths.

I’ve learned strong boundaries.

I’ve learned my own truth.

I’ve learned that I am the gatekeeper to what I allow in as my own.

I’ve learned how to allow people to share their thoughts and feelings with me and that I get to accept access within me. And if I don’t accept it, I let it go and it continues to stay with the beholder.

I’ve learned that I can still be an empath, help the people I meant to help and have strong energetic boundaries.

I’ve learned that my values are not the same as others (and even the one’s I love dearly) and that’s completely OK.

Life is my greatest teacher.

Being around others gives me my greatest awareness.

Let us all take the time to learn our own life lessons.

And if you’re an empath like me, know that there is hope to show up fully, help other’s, fulfill your life’s purpose and live out your desires.

Check out my Free Trainings here and learn the tools that just might shift and empower you.

Sending you love and positive energy.

xx, Haunani


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