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Why I love Bellydance

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

There are so many reasons to share why I love bellydance and I just am so excited to share them with you!

You may be curious why bellydance and not another form of dance? Don't get me wrong I love many forms of dance, but bellydance has pulled at my heart strings and has really helped me to develop myself holistically especially as a woman. If you'd like to give it try, check out some of my bellydance classes here!

Dance is an expression of Love ~ for your body.

Bellydance has taught me to love my body. Growing up I didn't have the best influences when it came to body image, awareness, or respect. So when I found dance and the community of dancers that all looked so different, my awareness started to change. I started to be less judgmental to my own body and in turn less judgmental towards others. I learned to love the unique qualities and features I possessed~ thicker thighs, large booty, small breasts, petite and not very tall. I've learned to embrace my appearance and my uniqueness and have learned to love what I used to think were "flaws". Everyone is beautiful in their own unique way and loving your body is one of highest forms of self-love.

Why I love bellydance

Make new friends.

I have made many new friends with bellydance over the years. Bellydance is a community; it's a tribe. It's a community of beautiful souls that enjoy the same thing as you. They enjoy movement and self discovery and music and rhythms. And as time went on, I even made best friends, created countless memories, traveled together, and experienced ups and downs but it has lead to growth and self discovery. Friends encourage and support you. They share moments and experiences with you. So keep yourself open to the new friends that can and will come into your life through dance.


One of the first reasons are started bellydance was for exercise. I used to go to the gym for exercise and something about going into a room with dark black machines and the humming of a treadmill didn't appeal to me. So I went in search of new forms of exercise and I came across dance videos (before youtube or online dance classes were around). I started doing these dance videos in my home and I loved it! I starting sharing what I was doing with my co-workers and friends and soon found that there were bellydance teachers in my community! I sought them out and quickly started to take classes from them. I found that live classes were just the challenge I needed for my body and I met many new friends along the way. My body was craving different kinds of movement rather than just walking on a treadmill, climbing steps or doing sit-ups. Dance is a full body exercise using your leg muscles, abs, hips, arms and neck and shoulders. I found myself sleeping better from bellydance class from all that shimmying and layering of movements. I found that my leg and hip muscles were becoming so strong! And even my brain muscles got a work out!

Reduced risk of Alzheimer's

You may be thinking to yourself how is this so? or I thought dance only exercises the physical body. Well studies have shown that dance stimulates the brain and can actually ward of Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. Dance is not only a physical exercise, it is also an exercise of the mind. Dance sharpens the cognitive pathways that offers a reduced risk to forms of dementia as the body ages. Our brains are constantly rewiring themselves and creating new neural pathways but only if it is needed. If the brain doesn't have a need to create new pathways then it won't. That is the effect of Neuroplasticity. The brain needs creative thinking in order to stay sharp and maintain intellect. A bit of playful and free style dancing will keep your mind, body and soul happy!

There are many more benefits that I would like to share and will share my personal testaments in future blogs. For now take a look at the list below to see how beneficial dance can be! Learn how you can dance with me here!

  • Increased Confidence

  • Improve Flexibility

  • Reduce Stess

  • Decrease Depression/Anxiety

  • Lose Weight

  • Cardio/Healthy Heart

  • Increase Energy

  • Sisterhood

  • Devotion

  • Dedication

  • Learn about the Moon cycles and Natural Rhythms

  • Breath work/Meditation

  • Strong pelvic floor

  • Pregnancy benefits

  • Performance Opportunity

  • Increased Creativity

  • Dress up and Doll up

  • Perpetuate the dance (teach others)

  • Mentorship and Self Discovery

  • Community/Tribe

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