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I Love that you're here!


Embody Your Essence

A space where we go within to activate your true essence and core beliefs.  A guided space where we create transformation from within.

A sacred space for you to access and create your dreams, desired reality and destiny.  


D R E A M. Believe. Heal. Transform.

Together we will go on a journey where I guide you to achieving your HEALTH and LIFE goals by combining mindset + energetics + nutrition.  

Together we'll weave in sustainable change, create shifts within the subconscious mind and upgrade your WHOLE body wellness:

Mind, Body and Soul!

 Let's get started on your INEVITABLE future you!

Embody your Essence

1:1 Coaching  

This is for the woman That is Ready to:

  • heal the from the inside out

  • be deeply connected to her life's purpose

  • have inner confidence

  • be in relationships she loves

  • upgrade to her nervous system from feeling stressed & anxious to feeling calm, peace and flow

  • have emotional empowerment 

  • live in sync with her natural rhythm and feminine energy

  • love her body unconditionally

  • manifest her dream life 


  • Personalized coaching program designed for you to achieve your desires and sacred goals

  • Weekly coaching via Zoom (In-Person sessions by Request)

  • Goal Setting

  • Accountability + Consistency +Intention

  • Email support + Voice Message Coaching (Voxer)

  • Access to any of my Classes and Programs while working together

  • 1:1 guidance in a 6 - 9 month private coaching container

This is your invitation to experience- 

  • Stepping into transformation with a full YES​​

  • Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) 

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Guided Meditations 

  • Energy work to release limiting beliefs and align with your truth

  • Individualized nutrition support 

  • Hormone Balancing 

  • Breath work

  • Support with Cleansing - Herbal and Natural

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

  • Plus More!

Does this sound like an experience and transformation you're ready for? 

Are you a dream fit client?

Jump on a call with me and discover how we can get started working together and creating your DREAM life!


Wendy, Artist

The most significant overall change I have noticed since working with Haunani has been my confidence.  Haunani gave me the tools to achieve my goals in a small amount of time.  By being able to achieve my goals, I was driven to do more for myself.  By investing in myself, I felt great in my skin and a new confidence was building. I have changed my outlook on what’s attainable and accept challenges instead of suppressing them. I would recommend Haunani to anyone interested in wanting to enrich their lifestyle.  With Haunani’s positive energy and guidance, I am confident that she will make a significant change in anyone willing to do the work to invest in their overall health and wellness.

I have received compliments from my friends and family about a “change” in my being in the last six months.  They have noticed a light or glow coming from within me and a confidence that is beaming. Very thankful for the time I spent with my health coach and getting to know myself better.


Melissa, Reiki Practitioner

My time working with Haunani was a blessing.  At the beginning of our 8 months together I was working full time, juggling some creative side projects & just about to return to school full time as an adult.  It was a time when I could have said, I can’t add one more thing to this plate, and I almost did say that.  But in hindsight that’s the time when you really need to have someone supporting you, guiding you, and holding you accountable.  My emotions were all over the place, my diet was one of convenience not quality, and I just felt stretched.  
Haunani helped me get clear on how I wanted to feel mentally as well as physically; she pointed me towards attainable daily tasks that helped me from the inside out.  Her approach is gentle, encouraging and extremely helpful.  She works with you to discover your own innate wisdom, all while informing you with her knowledge of wellness.  I would recommend her to anyone who feels either stuck, or just on the precipice of change or even something you can’t put your finger on.  If you’re open and ready to expand, work with Haunani today! 

You're meant for growth and to experience all that you desire!

"Words cannot describe how comfortable Haunani will make you feel to open up about whats really going on & holding you back. She has such a welcoming & loving energy it feels like you are talking to someone you've known for your whole life. I felt amazing after the session. The hypnosis was so relaxing and cleared all the anxiety I came into the session with. Haunani was so wonderful, her energy is so calming and she is holds so much space for you that it feels so comfortable to open up to her completely."

-Ashley Blacke

"Working with Haunani was such a fun and insightful experience. The deep questioning that she had me go through helped me gain clarity, and more self-awareness and self-connection on who I am and who I want to be/where I want to go in life! She also helped me open my mind to possibility and a bigger vision for myself! What I love most about her is her patience, thoroughness, and calming energy that put me at ease. We covered so much in our time together, but not once did I feel rushed. I appreciated her patience for my questions and long-winded answers! Haunani is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does. I highly recommend Haunani to anyone wanting to step up and level up in any area of their life!"


“My session with Haunani was amazing. She made me feel comfortable right away. Her voice was very soft and soothing and allowed me to visualize everything she was saying to me during the neural energetic encoding technique. I felt a shift immediately after - the tugging feeling I had in my chest was gone. Thank you Haunani for creating such a beautiful safe space for me in our session." - Desirée Torres

"Working with Haunani is incredible! She makes you feel completely comfortable right away and made me feel so seen and heard. She has a natural genuineness and truly cares about supporting you. If you aren’t working with her already, you need to asap!!" -Christina

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