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Embody Your Essence

1:1 Personalized Holistic Health & Life Coaching

Activated, EMBODIED, Transformation


Single Sessions

  • High Vibe Coaching Session

  • Hypnosis

"Haunani helped me get clear on how I wanted to feel mentally as well as physically; she pointed me towards attainable daily tasks that helped me from the inside out.  Her approach is gentle, encouraging and extremely helpful.  She works with you to discover your own innate wisdom, all while informing you with her knowledge of wellness.  I would recommend her to anyone who feels either stuck, or just on the precipice of change or even something you can’t put your finger on."


"Working with Haunani was such a fun and insightful experience. The deep questioning that she had me go through helped me gain clarity, and more self-awareness and self-connection on who I am and who I want to be/where I want to go in life! She also helped me open my mind to possibility and a bigger vision for myself! What I love most about her is her patience, thoroughness, and calming energy that put me at ease. We covered so much in our time together, but not once did I feel rushed.Haunani is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does."


"Haunani was incredible! She helped me with creating an outline for a cleanse to eliminant the inflammatory foods from my diet. She sent me recipes, routine meal ideas and supplement ideas to support my cleanse. She was always open minded, patient and non-judgmental towards me while I was struggling. She checked in on me throughout the weeks and would send me inspiring messages to help keep my focus and motivation."


“Haunani’s powerful healing work showed me that I (emphasis on ”I”) have the power to change my reality, on my terms, with my own free will. Working with her is fun and is guaranteed to raise your vibration after each and every session. She’s a wealth of not only womanly wisdom, but also heart, and it feels like a big hug to have her hold space for you in such a compassionate way.”


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